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Von der Dunk interview with The Verge

Frans von der Dunk Thursday April 4th 2014 Professor Frans von der Dunk was interviewed for the article NASA's breakup with Russia is a Manipulative Money Grab written by The Verge writer  Arielle Duhaime-Ross. In the interview von der Dunk discusses the historical and ongoing relationship between the U.S. and Russia in regards to space exploration. 

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Professor Schaefer’s Op-Ed on Commercial Space Liability Appears in Orlando Sentinel February 11

Matthew SchaeferProfessor Schaefer presented his views on commercial space liability based on his White Paper to the editors of the Orlando Sentinel on February 11, 2014.  The op-ed in question and answer format appeared in both the print version (shorter) and online versions of the paper.  The lengthier version is available online.

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