All admitted students are automatically considered for scholarship awards, no additional application is needed. Individual scholarship awards generally range from $5,000 to $15,000 (or, in other words, 20%-60% of the $25,000 tuition). Admission and scholarships are competitive. We enroll between 8-10 students each academic year to ensure individualized attention during the demanding course year.

law college


LL.M. tuition and fees for the one-year in-resident (not online) program are $28,104 for the academic year. The program consists of one full-time academic year, paid for in two semesters. 

In addition to tuition, the University estimates approximately $1,379 for Books and Supplies, $9,000 for room and board (depending on where you choose to live), and $3,684 for personal expenses. The annual total estimate of education-related expenses to attend the program totals around $41,000.

Costs for the Online LL.M. program are assigned per credit hour and are available here.