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J.D. (Juris Doctorate) with specialization in Space and Telecommunications Law (93 credit hours, minimum of 15 of those credits in space and telecommunications law) 

The Program of Concentrated Study at the College of Law is designed for JD students who seek a particular focus during their time at the Law College. A student who wishes to focus on a particular area of the law may work with a faculty member who teaches in the area to develop an individualized Program of Concentrated Study. The purpose of a Program of Concentrated Study is threefold: (1) to recommend those courses a faculty member believes are important for the study and development of skills, values and doctrines in a particular area, (2) to sequence those courses in such a way that students will gain maximum benefit from the skills, values and doctrines the courses teach; and (3) to recognize the achievements of those students completing a Program of Concentrated Study.

The specific requirements for an individualized Program of Concentrated Study are as follows:

  1. An individualized Program of Concentrated Study must be developed by a student in consultation with a sponsoring faculty member and is subject to approval by the Dean and his or her designee. The attached Program of Concentrated Study form must be completed and submitted to the Dean's Office. The Dean's office will record faculty sponsorship and the particular requirements of the individualized program.
  2. An individualized Program of Concentrated Study must consist of at least fifteen (15) credit hours in no fewer than five upper level courses that have been identified by a faculty member as central to the identified area. While a faculty member establishing a Program of Concentrated Study may require more course work than the five-course, 15 credit hour minimum, and may require sequencing of courses, the scope and contour of any Program of Concentrated Study should be consistent with the goal of assuring that students acquire a broad-based legal education.
  3. A student must declare an intention to complete an individualized Program of Concentrated Study no later than the last day on which students may add a class during the semester beginning the student's third year. Students are encouraged to declare early to minimize problems caused by course sequencing and availability.

A student may complete no more than two Programs of Concentrated Study.

Upon successful completion of a Program of Concentrated Study, a student will receive a Certificate of Concentrated Study. A notation of successful program completion will appear on the student's transcript.

To Apply:
You can visit the University of Nebraska College of Law JD Admissions page at

M.L.S. (Master of Legal Studies) with specialization in Space and Telecommunications Law (33 credit hours)

The Master of Legal Studies (MLS) Degree Program is designed for individuals who are not interested in practicing law but who are interested in developing a better understanding of the law as it affects their non-legal careers or areas of interest.

The program is jointly administered by the College of Law and the Graduate College. Anyone who has or will have an undergraduate degree by the time they would begin taking classes can apply for admission to the MLS Degree Program. Students who are admitted to the program can begin their course work only during a fall semester and must complete, with satisfactory grades, 33 credit hours of law in order to receive an MLS degree. The required courses are Foundational Legal Skills (2 credit hours, fall semester only) as well as one of the following courses: Contracts, Property or Torts. Contracts and Property are full-year 6 credit hour courses - 3 hours in the fall semester and 3 hours in the spring semester. Torts is a 4 credit hour course, offered in the fall semester only.

A student may begin taking elective courses, specializing in Space, Cyber, or Telecommunications, during the first year of the program. Most, but not all, of the law courses may be taken as electives and all degree requirements must be completed within three years. The MLS Degree will be conferred upon the successful completion of the 33 credit hours and a final examinations.

To Apply:

Applicants must apply to both the College of Law and the Graduate College. Both applications are available through the Graduate College electronic application process at

Complete the Graduate College applicaton first and select Legal Studies (MLS) in the degree objective section. You will then be prompted to complete the MLS application through the GAMES system. Follow the instructions to complete the application and upload your transcripts to MyRed.