Professor Matthew Schaefer Speaks on Legal Tools to Stop Intentional Radio Frequency Interference with Satellites at 30th Annual National Space Symposium

Matthew Schaefer

Professor Schaefer spoke on a panel on the radio frequency interference with satellites and its impact on space sustainability in Colorado Springs on May 22, 2014 at the National Space Symposium.  The panel was sponsored by the Secure World Foundation and moderated by its President Mike Simpson.  Professor Schaefer was the lone lawyer on the panel and suggested some possible legal enforcement mechanisms for international obligations prohibiting harmful interference in response to satellite operators’ increasing frustration with the lack of concrete tools to stop intentional radio frequency interference with satellites.  For more, see Professor Schaefer’s inaugural blog on his new blog at schaeferlaw.wordpress.com to address legal issues connected with Space, Cyber, High-Tech, Aerospace, EU-US Relations, Free Trade, Export-Import Regulation, and Radio Frequency Interference. 

Students Volunteer at the Nebraska Science Festival
Elsbeth Magilton

The Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law program sponsored a booth at the Nebraska Science Festival expo at the Strategic Air and Space Museum on April 24-25th. On Day One Executive Director Elsbeth Magilton was joined by 2L Danielle Miller and LLM student Jason Keen talked to kids about orbital debris at the Strategic Air & Space Museum. Day Two LLM student David Cromwell and 1L student Peng Li volunteered. Students used a model of the earth and our atmosphere to try to simulate a shuttle, a rocket, or a large satellite reentering earth's atmosphere without hitting any "space junk!"

Von der Dunk interview with The Verge

Thursday April 4th 2014 Professor Frans von der Dunk was interviewed for the article NASA's breakup with Russia is a Manipulative Money Grab written by The Verge writer  Arielle Duhaime-Ross. In the interview von der Dunk discusses the historical and ongoing relationship between the U.S. and Russia in regards to space exploration. 

Professor Hurwitz and Alumni Quoted in Communications Daily on April 24


On April 24th Professor Gus Hurwitz and 2010 alumni Sara Morris wre both quoted in the Communications Daily regarding Net Neutrality.  

Professor Schaefer’s Op-Ed on Commercial Space Liability Appears in Orlando Sentinel February 11


Professor Schaefer presented his views on commercial space liability based on his White Paper to the editors of the Orlando Sentinel on February 11, 2014.  The op-ed in question and answer format appeared in both the print version (shorter) and online versions of the paper.  The lengthier version is available online.

Professor Schaefer Makes Presentation to International Academy of Astronautics Space Exploration Conference on Eve of Heads of Space Agency Summit

Professor Schaefer

Professor Matthew Schaefer presented the White Paper he authored on commercial space liability issues to the IAA Space Exploration Conference on January 9, 2014.  The paper called for an immediate extension of the third-party liability government indemnification regime.  As Congress reexamines the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act in the coming year, the paper calls for Congress to create a third-party liability cap and for space flight participants to be subject to the full federal cross-waiver regime.  It also recommends the US government engage in international negotiations to clarify and enhance liability protections.

Professor Hurwitz Submits Comments to the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Professor von der Dunk

At the end of January Professor Hurwitz helped prepare comments submitted to the House Energy and Commerce Committee in response to a white paper the Committee release earlier this month to begin consideration of a revision to the Communications Act. The first set of comments (available here; discussed here) were drafted by a group of scholars affiliated with AEI. The second set of comments (available here) were drafted by a group of scholars (including Richard Epstein, Jim Speta, and Christopher Yoo) affiliated with the Free State Foundation. Both sets of comments argue that Congress should move away from the silo-based, technology specific regulation of the current Act, replacing it with technology-neutral, competition-oriented regulations. The AEI comments argue that, like the airline and railroad industries before it, the communications industry no longer needs a standalone regulator, such that the various functions and resources currently housed in the FCC should be reassigned to the Commission's various sister agencies. 

Professor Frans von der Dunk Speaks at Ouffutt Air Force Base 

Professor von der DunkOn February 13th Professor Frans von der Dunk spoke at the Military Law Seminar organized in conjunction with the Air Force’s 55th Wing Legal Office's (a CLE program) at Offutt Air Force Base. von der Dunk provided a brief primer on space law in general, notably international space law and the place of US national law within that wider framework; and three examples where US space law “comes down to earth”, meaning as close to a Nebraska practitioner as one might expect: (a) military: US export controls & dualuse security-sensitive space technology; (b) civil: international trade in satellite communication services & US obligations; and (c) commercial: US private commercial spaceflight & informed consent.

Professor Frans von der Dunk Delivers Keynote at the 2014 FAA Space Transport Conference 

Professor von der DunkOn February 5th Professor Frans von der Dunk delivered a keynote address at the 17th Annual FAA Commercial Space Transportation Conference. He discussed commercial space flight and the changing industry. An audio recording of the address is available via Space Ref.

Professor Schaefer’s White Paper White Paper on Commercial Space Industry

SchaeferProfessor Matthew Schaefer wrote an influential White Paper that addresses liability protections for the US commercial space industry. The paper highlighted the immediate need for an extension of US government indemnification for third-party liability of commercial space launch operators.  The paper was the focus of the Law College’s 6th Annual Washington, D.C. Space and Cyber Law conference in November 2013.  It was distributed in early December 2013 to members and staff of the Senate Commerce and House Science Committees as well as the FAA, NASA, and Office of Science and Technology Policy at the White House.  Professor Schaefer presented it at the International Academy of Astronautics Space Exploration Conference in Washington, D.C. on January 9, 2014 and was quoted in Space Politics.com on the issue.  On January 15, 2014, a three-year extension of the government indemnification regime for third-party liability was passed by Congress and was signed into law a day later by President Obama.  

 Professor Frans von der Dunk and Professor Steve Willborn provided comments on the paper, as did Giugi Carminati (LL.M. ’12) and friend of the program Cleveland-Marshall law professor Mark Sundahl, that were very helpful to the final product.  Sandra Teichert, LL.M. class of 2014, served as Professor Schaefer’s research assistant on the project. 

Telecommunications Expert Professor Gus Hurwitz Weighs in on Net Neutrality Decision

Professor Gus HurwitzTuesday Januray 14th the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals made a decision in Verizon v. FCC. The decision rejected the Open Internet Order's no-blocking and non-discrimination rules. Professor Gus Hurwitz weighed in on the decision on The Free State Foundation blog and Real Clear Markets.

Beard Honored by Department of Defense
Jack Beard

Professor Jack Beard was awarded a medal for exceptional public service by the Office of the Secretary of Defense on November 6. Beard was presented with the medal during the College's annual Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Conference which was held in Washington, D.C., on November 5-6. Prior to joining the faculty, Beard spent part of his career as the Associate Deputy General Counsel (International Affairs) i the Department of Defense. As a result of his relationship with the Department, a student participates in an externship with the Department that is exclusive to Nebraska Law.

Nebraska Law International Faculty at ABILA
Jack Beard

Several members of the faculty and administration at The University of Nebraska College of Law attended the American Branch of the International Law Association (ABILA) and the International Law Students Association (ILSA) annual International Law Weekend (ILW) conference in New York City last week, October 24-26th. The annual event brings together hundreds of practitioners, law professors, and students. The theme of the 2013 conference was “International Law and Legal Practice.” Professor Jack Beard was a co-chairman of the conference and also spoke on the “Rethinking the Rules for Conflict and Competition in Cyberspace” panel, which examined evolving cyber threats to governments and businesses and reevaluated the rules that may govern them. Professors Matt Schaefer and Frans von der Dunk spoke on “Complexities of Regulating the Outer Space Domain by Analogy to Legal Regimes in the Other Four Domains,” where they compared existing legal regimes to the developing space law regime. Human trafficking expert Professor Anna Shavers spoke on “Combatting Human Trafficking Through International Law.” Professor Brian Leopard also attended the conference, led a committee meeting, and visited United Nations Officials during the conference. Executive Director of graduate programming, Elsbeth Magilton, met with JD students from across the world and discussed all that the Nebraska Law faculty has to offer.

Professor von der Dunk Lectures at the Xi'an Jiaotong University Law School in China

September 29th and 30th, Professor von der Dunk visited the Xi'an Jiaotong University Law School after attending the 64th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Beijing, China. He provided an Introduction to Space Law and lectured on National Space Legislation and International and U.S. Law on Export Controls of Dual-Sensitive Goods.

Photo by Peng Wang. 

Program's First Alum, Jeffrey Nosanov, Quoted in Forbes and The Guardian

2009 alum Jeffrey Nosanov appeared in The Guardian and Forbes magazine in September. Nosanov spoke with a Forbes writer on the possibility of interstellar space travel. He spoke with The Guardian on a similar topic regarding NASA's Starship Project. 

Jeff Nosanov is a NIAC Fellow at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, near Los Angeles, and was the first ever graduate of the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications LL.M. program. 

Professor Schaefer to Speak on Commercial Space Law Issues to New York University (NYU) International Law Society September 26th

Posted September 24, 3013 - NYU Law School will be hosting Professor Matthew Schaefer for a talk on commercial space issues, including liability issues connected with third parties and space flight participants, and possible new commercial markets of space debris removal and mining on September 26th.  The talk will be the third at a law school this month for Professor Schaefer, who spoke previously at USC and the University of Florida.  UNL Law College has LL.M. numerous alums working in California (including SpaceX, NASA JPL, Vandenberg AFB)  and New York (including McKinsey and private law practice).

Professor Schaefer  Presents on a Space Law Panel at the American Branch of the International Law Association’s International Law Weekend Midwest in St. Louis Along with First Online LL.M. Alum Giugi Carminati
Photo by Jack Thompson
Professor Matthew Schaefer organized a panel on “Regulating and Incentivizing Commercial Space Activities” for the ABILA International Law Weekend Midwest taking place at Washington University in St. Louis Law School September 20, 2013.  Also presenting on the panel will be online LL.M. alum (’13) Giugi Carminatti (speaking on state liability immunity legislation for commercial space operators) and friend of the program Professor Mark Sundahl of Cleveland Marshall College of Law (speaking on ITAR and the Space Assets Protocol).  Professor Schaefer’s presentation will focus on commercial space liability issues and space debris removal.   For more information on the ABILA International Law Weekend Midwest, go to http://law.wustl.edu/harris/ilw2013/ 

Photo by Jack Thompson for The ABA Journal
Professor Schaefer Speaks to University of Florida International Law Society on Commercial Space Law

Professor Matthew Schaefer gave the inaugural academic year guest lecture to the University of Florida Levin College of Law International Law Society on September 18.  Approximately 30 students attended the lecture that gave an introduction to the major space law treaties and US federal and state laws and regulations governing commercial space activities.  The lecture looked at the implications of the treaties and laws for human space flight, third party liability issues, and mining.  Florida is one of six states that has enacted liability immunity legislation for commercial space operators.

Florida Law Online dicussed the event on their News Briefs page. 

2013 Alumni Giugi Carminati Writes Five Article Series For Space Safety Magazine


Nebraska Law's first online LL.M. graduate Giugi Carminati is writing a five article series for Space Safety Magazine. The articles aim to explain and teach space law principles to non-attorneys. 

Giugi's first article is already available online and discusses assumption of risk principles. 

Director and Alum Present Together at USC on Commercial Space 
Julie Jiry

SchaeferProfessor Matthew Schaefer, 2009 LL.M. Alum Julie Jiru, of SpaceX, and Rita Lauria, an adjunct professor at USC, will gave a joint talk on commercial space law issue to the University of Southern California Law School Space Law Society on Wednesday September 11. Julie discussed Space Act Agreements and contracts between NASA and commercial space entities. Professor Schaefer discussed third party and space flight participant liability issues connected with commercial space activities. You can learn more about the discussion in the Daily Trojan article covering the event. 

Alumni Moderates New America Foundation panel on CSPAN-2
Sarah Morris CSPAN

On September 5th, Alumni Sarah Morris (2010) moderated a panel on the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order, livestreamed by The New America Foundation and broadcast on CSPAN-2. The event brought "together experts to discuss their vision for a modern regulatory framework that is rooted in longstanding principles and also reflects the realities of an emerging broadband, IP-based communications infrastructure." The New America Foundation live recording is availble on their website. The New America Foundation invited the public to join this important conversation on telecommunications on twitter using the hashtag #OpenInternet. 

Professor and Program Director Schaefer Discusses Legality of Asteroid Lassoing with Space.com
Matthew Schaefer
Professor Schaefer's shared his views on the laws surrounding NASA's asteroid lasso plan with Space.com's Leonard David on August 30th. The article discussed whether NASA can legally go forward with the asteroid lassoing plan they announced this year. The article is available online

JSD Program Launch Receives International Attention 
riod de janiero
The new JSD program was featured in the Brazilan Jornal da Ciência (Journal of Science) in August. The full publication can be viewed online

LLM Alumni published in the Denver Law Review Online
April Greene Apking

On August 16th Nebraska Law Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications LLM Alumni April Greene Apking was published in the Denver Law Review Online Supplement. Her article, A Step In The Right Direction: Colorado's First Space Legislation, studies Colorado's legislation and it's limitation on private industry liability. Congrats April! 

Media Coverage of New J.S.D. Program

Following University Communications release of the College of Law's plan to launch a J.S.D. program in Space Law, the program received coverage from the Omaha World Herald, local broadcast station 1011 News, and Omaha broadcasters WOWT. News quickly left Nebraska and the program has been featured by such notable news out lets as The San Francisco Cronicle, The Miami Herald, and NewsObserver.com.

College of Law Launches Doctoral Program in Space Law (J.S.D.)

UNL will be the only U.S. law school to offer both an LL.M. and J.S.D. in space law. The J.S.D. program will break new ground as the only doctoral-level space law program in the United States, said Matthew Schaefer, professor of law and director of the college's Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law program.

Research-focused and dissertation-based, the J.S.D. program in essence will require students to write a book about an aspect of space law, such as regulation of satellite communications or liability issues relating to commerce in space. Students will play a pioneering role in developing the field of space law.

University Press Release

Hurwitz participated in the TOTM Blog Symposium: Regulating the Regulators.

Professor Gus Hurwitz participated in the Truth on the Market Blog Symposium: Regulating the Regulators. The symposium discussed unfair methods of competition (UMC) authority under Section 5 of the FTC Act. One of Professor Hurwitz's posts on the application of Chevron deference to Section 5 of the FTC act can be viewed here.

Magilton Spoke on Space Law at The Omaha Science Fiction and Education Society Convention

Elsbeth MagiltonProgram Executive Director Elsbeth Magilton sat on panels with Creighton physicist Gintaras Duda, Booz Allen Hamilton consultant and retired Air Force Officer Wade Watts, and Omaha attorney and shareholder at Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht, P.C., L.L.O., Matt McKeever to discuss Space Law and military presence in space on July 27. Topics included state liability for private activity, rescue and return agreements under the Outer Space Treaty, and the use of nuclear power sources.

Frans von der Dunk quoted in Financial Times Article on Entrepreneurs in Space Tourism
Frans von der Dunk

Professor Frans von der Dunk spoke with Financial Times writer Alicia Clegg for her July 29th article 'When Gravity is No Obstacle.' Frans discussed whether passengers embarking on space tourism expeditions can give informed consent to the risks involved, saying “If a [spacecraft] is flying after only a few test flights, it’s questionable whether passengers can give informed consent, as there is virtually no data to assess risks on.”

Executive Director Magilton named one of Lincoln's '20 Under 40'
Elsbeth Magilton

On June 9 Elsbeth Magilton, Executive Director and Nebraska College of Law alumnae, was named one of Lincoln's 20 Under 40 by a panel of judges assembled by The Lincoln Journal Star. The group called for nominations to select young people in Lincoln who show dedication to their profession, are role models to their peers, and are active volunteers in the community. Magilton is the youngest professional to receive the honor in 2013. Two other University of Nebraska emloyees in other colleges also received the honor, out of 52 total nominations. 

Congratulations to all of the 2013 '20 Under 40' honorees!

Poser & von der Dunk Present in Luxembourg
Susan Poser and Frans von der Dunk

Professor Frans von der Dunk and Dean Susan Poser recently attended the Luxembourg Workshop where the topic of the workshop was "Satellite Communication and Dispute Resolution". Professor von der Dunk presented a paper on the Permanent Court of Arbitration's new satellite dispute resolution rules, and Dean Poser presented a paper on the intersection of tort law and federal and state law regulating U.S. satellite operators. The conference was co-hosted by the University of Luxembourg and the Max Planck Institute for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law.

Lincoln Journal Star Covers Annual Conference
law college

On May 2 Lincoln Journal Star reporter, Corey Matteson, covered the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications LL.M. program, discussed progess in the manned spaceflight industry, and highted the 7th Annual Space and Cyber Law Lincoln Conference. 

Matteson noted that Professor von der Dunk was one of three panelists who discussed the impact of the commercial space industry and went on to emphasize the growth of the program.

Beard named Co-Chairman of the 2013 International Law Weekend (ILW)
Jack Beard

The International Law Weekend of the American Branch of the International Law Association (ABILA), which will be held in New York City on October 24-26, 2013, is the premier international law event of the fall season. 

The event attracts an audience of more than one thousand practitioners, academics, diplomats, members of the governmental and nongovernmental sectors, as well as foreign policy and law students who are learning about the range of practice and career opportunities.

Nebraska Law Manfred Lachs Moot Court Team Places in Quarter Finals 
Lachs Group

The 2013 Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Competition was held March 22-23rd in Washington DC at the Georgetown Law College. Nebraska Law 2L Corey Rotschafer and LL.M. student Adam Rouse placed in the Quarter Finals in the competition. The 2012 team placed in the Semi-Finals and in 2011 the Nebraska Law team won the award for best breif. 

Dates Announced for 2013 Conferences 

We are pleased to announce that our 7th Annual Lincoln Conference will be held at the University of Nebraska College of Law on May 2, 2013. A short reception will follow, featuring poster presentations by graduating students on their thesis topic.

The 6th Annual Washington D.C. Conference is currently scheduled for November 5-6th at The Willard Intercontinental Hotel. Dates are firm, but subject to change. 

Details about panels, speakers, and topics coming soon!

Professor Gus Hurwitz to Join Faculty for Fall 2013

We are pleased to announce that Professor Gus Hurwitz will join the faculty this year. Professor Hurwitz has a background in computer science and will lead the telecommunications part of the program. Professor Hurwitz received his JD from the University of Chicago Law School. In addition he has an MA in economics from George Mason University and a BA from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Professor Hurwitz's full background and course listings will be available later this summer.

ABA Journal article features LL.M. Alumna, Current Student and Professor
Jenifer Lamie

The American Bar Association Journal article, Space Law is Taking Off, features insights from current online student Maria-Vittoria "Giugi" Carminati, 2012 alumna Jenifer Lamie, and space law expert, Professor Frans von der Dunk. Lamie says, “We are at the very beginning of a completely new, very sexy and incredibly challenging industry that will push the limits of human ingenuity... If we can tailor the laws regulating the industry to foster growth—without being too overly sensitive to the inherent risks involved—I don’t see any limits to what we can accomplish in the future.”

von der Dunk Quoted on Property Rights in Asteroid Mining
von der Dunk

January 22, 2013, Professor Frans von der Dunk was quoted in a Christian Science Monitor article by Peter Spotts, Asteroid mining: Second company announces plans. Time to stake a claim? von der Dunk discusses the need for "a sensible and balanced regime" for exploiting space resources is well in advance of "the first actual activities."

von der Dunk Kicks Off S.T.I.R. Talks

von der Dunk

Professor Frans von der Dunk will kick off the Nebraska Law Spring S.T.I.R. (Share. Think. Inspire. Relax.) talks on January 10 at 4:00 PM. The title of his talk is "Fly me to the Moon - or at least to Tokyo in 90 minutes, soon". Professors give S.T.I.R. talks to the entire law school community on a topic of their choice in a casual setting. But, here is the catch - they can only speak for 15 minutes. Afterwards, the audience lingers to think deep thoughts inspired by the talk, and also to eat and drink the free refreshments provided by the College.

Professor Campbell Speaking at 2012 Advanced Communications Summit

fred campbell

Adjunct Professor Fred Campbell will be speaking at the Advanced Communications Summit 2012, hosted by the Advanced Communications Law and Policy Institute (ACLP) at New York Law School in Philadelphia, December 11-12, 2012. The ACLP's mission is to promote robust and solution-focused dialogues amongst state and federal policy makers, industry, academe, the financial community and consumers concerning changes to the state and federal regulatory regimes governing wireline, wireless, broadband and IP platforms.

Laws of Spaceflight Text Receives More Press

Laws of SpaceflightCurrent student Maria-Vittoria Carminati (Giugi) and alumni Jenifer Lamie, '12, co-authors of "The Laws of Spaceflight: A Guidebook for New Space Lawyers." received more praise and press in a Law.com article, "Do You Have Right Stuff to be a Space Lawyer?" The article focuses on their love of space and Giugi admits "I'm fundamentally a nerd."

Professor von der Dunk invited by United Nations to speak in Buenos Aires

frans von der dunkUpon the invitation of the United Nations Professor Frans von der Dunk was in Buenos Aires to present at the United Nations/Argentina Workshop on Space Law November 5-8, 2012. He spoke on 'Responsibility and Liability for National Space Activities' and 'Legal Aspects of GNSS Applications - The Case of Liability' as well as educated attendees about the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications LL.M. program.

Professor Campbell Participates in 4G World Conference in Chicago

fred campbellAdjunct Professor and Nebraska Law Alumni, Fred Campbell spoke at 4G World on October 29th. Professor Campbell's sessions included: Global Digital TV Migration Liberating 700 MHz for Mobile Broadband, participation in a Executive Round-table on Global and Regional 4G Spectrum Alignment, and a "fireside chat" with FCC Commissioner Pai.

Professors Featured on ABILA International Law Weekend Panel

fran von der dunkOctober 25th-27th Professors Matt Schaefer and Frans von der Dunk spoke on the ABILA International Law Weekend Panel. The panel, titled Resource Management in Common (Non-Sovereign) Areas: Law of the Sea and Space Law Compared, focused on discussion of the legal and economic implications for space exploration and exploitation of the
Common Heritage of Mankind concept in the Moon Agreement and in UNCLOS, rights to mine, responsibilities to share, and regime characteristics.

Contract to Expand Interaction Between U.S. Military and College of Law's Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law Program

media imageA partnership between NU and the United States Strategic Command, based at Offutt Air Force Base, created a University-Affiliated Research Center. "The UARC will allow the program to further fulfill U.S. government needs through additional research, conferences and training programs," Program Director Professor Matt Schaefer said said to Newsroom Announcments. "Since military space, civil space, and commercial space activities all have national security implications, the program will continue to focus on issues facing all these arenas of space activity."

Professor Schaefer quoted in New Scientist article

Professor Schaefer Professor Matt Schaefer was quoted in a New Scientist article on California human space flight immunity legislation in September 2012. 

Student Field Trip to the FAA included presentation on Commercial Space Regulation.

Sarah MorrisDuring the 5th Annual Space and Cyber Law Conference in Washington DC, Oct 11-12, students and faculty visited the Federal Aviation Administration. There, Laura Montgomery Senior Attorney for Commercial Space Transportation, talked with students about regulating commercial space flights. Topics included launch indemnification, informed consent, and cross waivers.

Morris Quoted in Rueters article

Sarah MorrisSarah Morris, ’10, policy counsel for the New America Foundation's Open Technology Institute, was quoted recently in a Reuters article reported by Sinead Carew on September 19th. The article, Consumer groups to fight AT&T FaceTime restrictions, discussed public interest group's plan to file a formal complaint accusing AT&T of violating U.S. Internet rules if the wireless service provider goes ahead with a plan to limit use of Apple’s FaceTime application to certain customers.

Professors Speak at Colloquium in Italy

Frans von der DunkProfessor von der Dunk and Professor Schaefer spoke at the 55th Annual International Institute of Space Law Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space at the International Astronautical Congress in Naples, Italy on Oct. 1-5. Professor Schaefer’s paper presentation focused on whether the space law regime can successfully borrow models from the Law of the Sea and International Maritime Law in addressing the probleFrans von der Dunkm of space debris. His examination revealed that the Law of the Sea may provide useful analogues, if appropriately adapted, in the space law regimes’ efforts to combat space debris. Thus, space law in its evolution must be careful to look towards multiple other public international law regimes in its search for adaptable models to solve vexing problems of outer space activities, such as the issue of space debris.

Elsbeth Magilton Named New Executive Director
Elsbeth MagiltonElsbeth Magilton has been named the Executive Director of the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law LL.M. Program. "We are excited to welcome Elsbeth to the program. She will be a tremendous asset to the students and alumni of the program," said Professor Matt Schaefer. Magilton graduated with her juries doctor from the College of Law in December 2011 with a concentration in Cyberlaw: Theory and Practice. She received her B.A., cum laude, from Doane College in 2008. Elsbeth also studied at the William and Mary College of Law Center for Legal and Court Technology in 2010. She oversees student recruitment and relations, the scholarship program, and she serves as the main on-campus contact for LL.M. students.
Professor Schaefer spoke at 15th Annual Mars Society Conference

Matthew SchaeferProfessor Schaefer spoke at 15th Annual Mars Society Conference held August 3 – 5 in Pasadena, California. On the eve of Mars Curiosity Rover landing, Professor Schaefer joined a space law panel chaired by Mike Simpson, former president of International Space University. Professor Schaefer’s remarks focused on legality of in-situ resource use on Mars and other planetary bodies and asteroids as well as ownership rights over mined resources. The conference also featured talks by Deputy NASA Administrator Lori Gavrver, a former keynote speaker at UNL’s annual DC conference, and Virgin Galactic President Will Whitehorn.

Pelican Article Published in CommLaw Conspectus

Luke PelicanAn article by Luke Pelican, '12, "Peacetime Cyber-Espionage: A Dangerous But Necessary Game," has been published in Vol. 20 No. 2 of CommLaw Conspectus, Journal of Communications Law and Policy.

Von der Dunk Article Published in The Futurist
Frans von der Dunk

Professor Frans von der Dunk's article, "Regulating the Final Frontier," was published in the September/October 2012 edition of The Futurist. In the article, von der Dunk argues for robust regulation of private enterprises involved with space activities.

Mudrinich named Chief of Operations and Space Law for JFCC SPACE

Eric MudrinichMajor Erik Mudrinich is the Chief of Operations and Space Law for the Joint Functional Component Command for Space (JFCC SPACE), US Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM). In that capacity he is responsible for advising the dual-hatted CDR JFCC SPACE (USSTRATCOM)/14 AF/CC (AFSPC), staffs, and the Joint Space Operations Center (JSpOC) on a wide range of legal and policy matters concerning space operations along with related intelligence and national security law issues. Major Mudrinich provides authoritative recommendations as to the legality, appropriateness and effectiveness of space and operations law, policy development, oversight and execution. He participates in planning for and execution of global and theater space operations and exercises, and coordinates with the supported geographic combatant commanders' staffs.

Lamie Co-Authors "The Laws of Spaceflight"

Jennifer LamieJenifer Lamie, '11, is the co-author of "The Laws of Spaceflight: A Guidebook for New Space Lawyers." The book was recently reviewed by The Space Review as being "a good guide to a field that is becoming more important as humanity's activities in space grow."

Beard Presents at Naval Postgraduate School

Professor BeardProfessor Jack Beard presented "Conflicts in Cyberspace: Which Laws? What Kind of Ethics?" at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, on June 26. The presentation was part of a conference of experts on cyber law and cyber security entitled "Cyber Endeavor 2012: Operations in Cloud and Cellular Networks."

Von der Dunk Addresses Legality of Space Mining

Professor von der DunkProfessor Frans von der Dunk was interviewed by Bloomberg Law regarding the legality of space mining. Von der Dunk was also quoted by several international publications recently on the same topic, including The Sydney Morning Herald and The U.K. Daily Mail.

Nebraska Law Team Makes Semi-Finals of North American Manfred Lachs Competition

Professor von der DunkThe Nebraska Law Lachs Space Law Moot Court team of Eric Dawson, Adam Little and Zachary Blackman , coached by Professor Frans von der Dunk, advanced to the semi-finals of the Lachs North American Rounds on March 30-31. The team defeated teams from Dayton Univ. and McGill Univ. Institute of Air and Space Law in reaching the semi-finals. The team also defeated the ultimate winner of the North American Rounds, UC Davis, in the oral arguments portion of the semi-finals. This strong showing follows on the heels of last year's team receiving the best memorial award at the North American Rounds. The Lachs Space Law Moot Court competition is a global competition sponsored annually by the International Institute of Space Law (IISL). This year 61 teams from around the world registered for the competition.

von der Dunk addresses UN Committee on Peaceful Uses of Outer Space

Professor von der DunkProfessor Frans von der Dunk addressed the Member States of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space on March 19th at the annual IISL/ECSL Symposium during the opening session of the Legal Subcommittee in Vienna. Von der Dunk spoke on the issue of possible 'flags of convenience' in outer space. Present in the room were also LL.M. alumna Amber Charlesworth, '11, as member of the U.S. delegation, and current LL.M. student George Anthony Long.

Professor Schaefer speaks on March 7th to Michigan Law School's Space Law Society as Part of Space Law Week

Professor Schaefer spoke to 25 students in Michigan Law School's newly-created space law society. His talk was titled "Space Odyssey 2031: Competing Visions of Commercial Space and the Role of Law." His talk addressed the "4 C's" of space: congested, contested, competition, and commercialization and the role that law will play in determining how the 4 C's of space will look in 2031. The presentation highlighted the importance of international space law (specifically, jurisdiction and control of space objects), domestic law (specifically, ITAR), and the possible use of analogy to law of the sea/maritime law to reduce the congested nature of space by reducing space debris. The talk also noted the limits of law, particularly in addressing the contested nature of space in the national security realm.

Three Michigan J.D.s have graduated or enrolled in Nebraska's LL.M. Degree in Space, Cyber and Telecommunications in the past two years. Professor Schaefer and Professor Beard are both graduates of the University of Michigan Law School.

Professor Schaefer Spoke at Tulane Law School on Space Law and Law of the Sea/International Maritime Law Analogies

On February 29, 2012, the Maritime Law Society of the Tulane Law School hosted Professor Matthew Schaefer's presentation exploring analogies between space law, on the one hand, and the law of the sea/international maritime law, on the other hand. The presentation explored broad principles in the two areas, such as non-sovereignty and freedom of access, but also more detailed regulation of these two common area regimes, in particular whether rules regarding liability, insurance, and salvage in the maritime context can be usefully adapted to the problem of space debris. Professor Schaefer will be making further presentations on this topic in the fall at US and international conferences.

LL.M. program to offer online learning option

NotebookAttorneys interested in obtaining an LL.M. degree in Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law without leaving behind a practice can now do so. Beginning in the fall 2012 semester, Nebraska Law will be offering an Online LL.M. in addition to its on-campus LL.M. program. Online LL.M. students will attend classes "live" through the use of Adobe Connect technology which will allow them to ask questions, view and participate in class synchronously. Rather than completing the program requirements in an academic year, however, online LL.M. students have up to six semesters in which to complete the degree requirements. "This is a wonderful opportunity for practicing lawyers to expand their expertise in the areas of space, cyber and telecommunications law," said Professor Matt Schaefer, director of the LL.M. program. "We are excited about making this unique education more accessible to the practicing bar." Applications for both the on-campus and online LL.M. classes are currently being accepted for the Fall 2012 semester.

Charlesworth is Presidential Management Fellow

Amber CharlesworthAmber Charlesworth was selected as a Presidential Management Fellow, a prestigious leadership development program, upon her graduation from the LL.M. program in 2011. As a result of that selection, Amber works for the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, the Office of Space and Advanced Technology (OES/SAT.) OES/SAT has primary responsibility for U.S. representation to the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (UNCOPUOS), where a wide range of space policy issues are addressed. Most recently, UNCOPUOS has been a vital forum for U.S. efforts to develop new international guidelines on emerging issues such as minimizing the generation of orbital debris and ensuring safe space operations and sustainable access to space. Amber works on space policy issues for OES/SAT as a result of that office's connection to UNCOPUOS.

Von der Dunk addresses Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency

Professor Frans von der Dunk addressed the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency on February 8 at the JAXA headquarters in Tokyo. Von der Dunk was invited as the keynote speaker, and delivered addresses on governance issues in outer space and the development of a national Japanese space law.

Schaefer presents ITAR research

Professor SchaeferProfessor Matt Schaefer presented his research, "International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) - Impact on Space Debris Remediation Technologies," on Thurs. Feb. 2 at noon in Hamann Auditorium. His presentation was attended by faculty & students. A great opportunity to hear about his research.

von der Dunk invited to Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency Conference

Professor von der DunkProfessor Frans von der Dunk in Omaha AudienceProfessor Frans von der Dunk has been invited to Tokyo to deliver keynote addresses at workshops hosted by Tokyo University and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency, the Japanese equivalent of NASA. The workshops will be held February 6 through 9, 2012. von der Dunk's keynote speeches will address governance issues in outer space and development of a national Japanese space law.

LL.M. Students visit NASA General Counsel's Office

LL.M. students outside NASA General Counsel's OfficeThe College of Law held its 4th Annual UNL Law College Washington, D.C. Space and Cyber Law Conference Oct. 12-13 at the Willard Hotel. While in D.C., the LL.M. students visited NASA General Counsel's Office and interacted with five NASA lawyers on a variety of space law topics.

The conference itself drew the largest audience ever for the space law session with over 65 attendees, and an audience that included foreign embassy science counselors, former White House officials, and a leading on-line space reporter. Also attending were several of LLM alumni, including Amber Charlesworth, Presidential Management Fellow at State Dept., and Sarah Morris, Policy Analyst for the Open Internet Initiative at the New America Foundation.

The space law panel discussion involved the top lawyers for SpaceX (Tim Hughes), Virigin Galactic (Marc Holzapfel), EADS North America (Dennis Burnett), FAA - Commercial Space (Laura Montgomery), and NASA â�"Commercial (Courtney Graham). The cyber law session featured a discussion among the top lawyer for US Cyber Command (Col. Gary Brown), one of the top private sector cyber lawyers (former Asst. US Attorney for SDNY Joe Demarco), and one of the top former CIA/White House lawyers (Georgetown Professor Catherine Lotrionte). Professor Matthew Schaefer moderated the discussions at both sessions.

5th Annual Omaha Space & Cyber Law Seminar largest ever

Omaha ConferenceThe College of Law had the largest turnout ever for its annual Omaha Space and Cyber Law Seminar in conjunction with US STRATCOM's space and cyber symposium on November 14. The College of Law displayed its "in-house" capabilities as professors von der Dunk, Beard, and Schaefer, as well as alumna Maj. Keira Poellet ('10) from US Cyber Command, each presented to the audience filled with military officials and defense contractors. The audience also included three Nebraska LLM alumni that were sent by their organizations (State Dept., STRATCOM, and Space Ops at Vandenberg AFB) to attend the conference.

Professor Schaefer Spoke at International Interdisciplinary Congress on Space Debris Remediation in Montreal on Nov. 11

Professor SchaeferProfessor Schaefer spoke during Session 3 Legal, Regulatory and Strategic Issues related to Space Debris Remediation and On-Orbit Servicing at the International Space Debris Remediation Congress in Montreal at McGill University on Oct. 11th. Professor Schaefer's remarks focused on the impact of International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) impact on space debris remediation technologies and satellite refueling. Professor Schaefer was joined on the panel by government officials, private sector lawyers and academics from Italy, France, Australia, and Switzerland, among other countries. The University of Nebraska College of Law offers a course in Export Control Law and ITAR taught by adjunct professor of law Dennis Burnett, the Vice-President for Trade and Export Controls at EADS North America. ITAR is a key concern of the commercial space industry and Professor Schaefer's remarks concluded that ITAR will indeed have an impact on space debris remediation, although possible solutions exist.

Professor Schaefer Spoke to Over 100 Law Students at three NYC Law Schools and the Univ. of Michigan Law School Oct. 24-27.

Professor SchaeferProfessor Schaefer spoke to over 100 law students the week of Oct. 24-27 at Columbia, Fordham, Brooklyn and Michigan Law Schools. The talks were sponsored by the international law societies and/or technology law societies at the four law schools. Professor Schaefer's talks focused on the important issues of commercial space regulation, including the 3rd party liability and space flight participant liability regimes, and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) impact on space debris remediation. Nebraska's fourth class of LLM students this year includes students with JD degrees from the University of Michigan Law School and Fordham Law School. Professor Schaefer is a graduate of the University of Michigan Law School (J.D., LL.M., S.J.D.).

Von der Dunk Speaks at International Astronautical Congress

Professor von der DunkProfessor Frans von der Dunk spoke at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), the annual congress organized by the International Astronautical Federation, which took place October 2-7 in Cape Town, South Africa. On October 4, von der Dunk co-chaired the session on "Legal Issues of Commercial Human Spaceflight." In addition, von der Dunk presented two papers at the congress, "The EU Space Competence As Peer the Treaty of Lisbon: Sea Change or Empty Shell?" and "Mixing U.S. and Dutch Approaches: Towards Curacao's Legislation on Private Commercial Spaceflight."

Nebraska Law and ISU Reach Cooperative Agreement
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln and International Space University (ISU)have reached an agreement in which ISU will admit several LL.M. students from the Space, Cyber, and Telecommunications Law Program to its prestigious Space Studies Program (SSP)each summer. According to the ISU website, SSP is an interdisciplinary program that "emphasizes international cooperation and provides students with varied perspectives on the world's space activities' perspectives normally reserved for those with years of diverse professional experience." The agreement with Nebraska Law's LL.M. program is recognition of the growing importance of legal perspectives in the development of space programs and industries.
von der Dunk Presents at International Symposium

Professor von der DunkProfessor Frans von der Dunk chaired a session and presented a paper entitled, "The integrated approach -- Regulating private human spaceflight as space activity, aircraft operation, and high-adventure tourism," at the second International IAA Symposium on Private Human Access To Space in Arcachon, France, held May 30-June 1. The latest developments concerning space tourism and commercial manned spaceflight were discussed, both from a technical/operational and from a legal perspective, at the symposium.

General Addresses Attendees at 5th Annual Space Law Conference

General C. Robert Kehler, photo by Bambi KingOn Tuesday April 19, General C. Robert Kehler became the third Commander of US Strategic Command to give a keynote address at Nebraska Law's Annual Lincoln Space Law conference in the past five years. General Kehler told an audience of 100 that included space lawyers representing 18 different countries to only develop new rules when "necessary" and to ensure that any new rules were "fair, realistic and clear." General Kehler told the audience that proposals to ban weapons in space with current definitions did not meet such criteria because such proposals would not prevent many objects in space from being utilized as weapons. He also described the difficulties of attributing malicious action in both the space and cyber contexts. The 18 nations represented by space law academics or government or international organization officials included the United States, Belarus, Japan, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Sweden, India, Australia, Germany, Canada, Nigeria, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. More information on Kehler's address can be found here.

Professor Jack Beard and LL.M. Alumn Kiera Poellet Speak at French Air Force Academy

Prof. Jack BeardProfessor Jack Beard spoke at an event entitled "International Seminar on the Law of Armed Conflict and the Impact ofMajor Kiera A. Poellet New Technologies" which was held at the French Air Force Academy in Salon de Provence, France, April 7-9, 2011. Prominent experts from eleven different countries, representing military institutions, academia and non-governmental organizations, were invited to speak on contemporary challenges posed by new technologies in the field of the law of armed conflict. Professor Beard, a leading scholar on several of the subjects addressed in this seminar, made a presentation on remote-controlled weapon systems (particularly unmanned aerial vehicles) and challenges confronting legal regimes in an emerging era of "virtual" warfare. Other speakers included Major Kiera A. Poellet, Assistant Judge Advocate, U.S. Cyber Command (an LL.M Graduate of the University of Nebraska College of Law), who served on a panel discussing the legal implications of applying the law of armed conflict to cyberspace.

Ammori Speaks at TEDxUofM

Prof. Marvin AmmoriProfessor Marvin Ammori spoke at TEDx University of Michigan, on April 8, 2011, presenting a talk on the importance of Internet policy in our democracy. Professor Ammori was invited as one of the world's most consequential lawyers and thinkers on Internet policy. Ammori discussed the role of the Internet in our democracy--and budding democracies abroad--and connected that role to laws that shape the Internet's architecture. He encouraged the audience to think of Internet law as the 21st Century's most important practical implementation of First Amendment principles, and therefore core to all the liberties citizens enjoy. A Michigan student introduced Professor Ammori to the crowd--his little sister, Candice. Ammori's 18-minute talk will be available online within a few weeks.

Professor Schaefer Gives Inaugural Space Law Talk to University of California-Irvine Law School's Founding Space Law Society Members

Prof. Matt SchaeferOn Wednesday March 30th, Professor Matthew Schaefer made a presentation on "Space Law in the 21st Century" to the University of California-Irvine's newest student organization, the space law society, and two faculty members. Professor Schaefer's talk focused on critical military and commercial aspects of space law. Students attending the talk had the opportunity to engage in guided legal analysis of China's 2007 ASAT test, a hypothetical injury to a space flight participant on a space tourism flight from a state enacting liability immunity legislation, and the 2009 Iridium-Kosmos 2251 satellite collision. The talk is part of Nebraska Law's outreach efforts in Southern California with its significant aerospace presence. Two LL.M. graduates have obtained employment in the Southern California market at SpaceX and NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, respectively.

von der Dunk Contributes to OBO

Prof. Frans von der DunkOxford Bibliographies Online (OBO), notably its subdivision OBO: International Law. The project will be the first authoritative web-based bibliographic database on international, including space law. OBO: International Law will be fully dynamic and all articles will be regularly revised, and the corpus of articles will continuously grow with at least 50 new articles added per year. Each article and each bibliography under the umbrella of OBO will be networked and linked to online journals, databases, and other electronic resources.

Professor Schaefer speaks at Fordham Law School Symposium on Cyberwarfare

Prof. Matt SchaeferProfessor Matthew Schaefer gave a presentation at Fordham Law School's all day symposium on "Cyber Attacks: International Cybersecurity in the 21st Century." Professor Schaefer spoke on a panel along with Shane Harris, Senior Writer, at the Washingtonian, and Paul Walker, Operations Law Attorney, US Cyber Command. Professor Schaefer's remarks focused on the UN Charter's use of force paradigm in the context of cyber attacks, the legal regime for attacks that do not rise to the level of a use of force, as well as analogies to the war on terrorism and malicious actions in the space domain.

LL.M. Students Pelican and Lamie, Professors Hakimi, Ammori, and Schaefer Highlight Space and Cyber Mini-Conference at University of Michigan Law School

Prof. Jack BeardLuke Pelican (LL.M. Class of 2011), a University of Michigan J.D. graduate, and Jenifer Lamie (LL.M. Class of 2011) will present their thesis topics on cyber espionage and state liability immunity legislation, respectively, at a Nebraska Law space and cyber mini-conference being held at Big 10 partner the University of Michigan Law School on Tuesday April 5 at 4:30PM in Hutchins Hall 116.Professor Monica Hakimi of the University of Michigan Law School and Professor Marvin Ammori will comment on Luke Pelican's presentation and Professor Matthew Schaefer will comment on Jenifer Lamie's presentation. Significant scholarship money will be available next year again for Michigan and other Big 10 law school students wishing to attend Nebraska Law's Space, Cyber and Telecommunications LL.M. program.

Professor Jack M. Beard To Join Faculty

Jack M. Beard, a former Associate Deputy General Counsel (International Affairs) of the Department of Defense, will join the faculty of the University of Nebraska College of Law in the fall 2011 semester, and will lend his expertise to the Space & Telecommunications Law LL.M. Program. More...

Interested in a Job in the Intelligence Community?
Did you know that two area law students obtained analyst jobs recently with the intelligence community? Marc Warburton, Director, Great Plains National Security Educational Consortium, will discuss the Intelligence Community Scholars Program open to UNL JD students. On Feb. 16th at Noon in the Hamann Auditorium at UNL Law College Lunch provided but you must RSVP via ROSCOE

Prof. Marvin Ammori

Nebraska Law Professor Marvin Ammori appeared on MSNBC

Nebraska Law Professor Marvin Ammori appeared on MSNBC's December 20, 2010 "Countdown" show discussing the then upcoming net neutrality order. View Ammori's appearance by clicking this link: http://tinyurl.com/25ehmbx Within a month after Ammori's appearance on the show, "Countdown" host Keith Olberman departed the show. Ammori offers his comments on Olberman's departure on The Hill's website here: http://tinyurl.com/4surogf

Jonathan Vince

Alicia Santos, a 2010 Space and Telecom LL.M. graduate, recently named assistant director of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Compliance (EDC)

Alicia Santos, a 2010 Space and Telecom LL.M. graduate, was recently named assistant director of the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Compliance (EDC) at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Utilizing her background in university administration in addition to her expertise in telecommunications law made Santos an excellent candidate for the position. EDC Director Linda Foulsham said, "With 20 years' combined experience as an attorney and an equity officer at both a state university and a state regulatory agency, and additional practice in the private sector, Alicia Santos is well equipped to contribute substantially to the work of the Office of Equity, Diversity and Compliance." You can read more about Santos' hire by clicking here.

Jonathan Vince

Jon Vince awarded a SSPI Scholarship

Jonathan Vince, a 2010 Space and Telecom LL.M. graduate, was recently awarded a Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI) Scholarship. The SSPI scholarship is awarded to students who are studying satellite-related technologies, policies, or applications. Learn more about SSPI by visiting http://www.sspi.org

Artiom Anisimov

Artiom Anisimov is now Executive Assistant at the Space Frontier Foundation

Artiom Anisimov, LL.M. Class of 2010, was recently assigned a position as an Executive Assistant at the Space Frontier Foundation. The Space Frontier Foundation is an advocacy organization seeking to promote policies and programs to increase human presence in space. Read more about the Space Frontier Foundation at http://spacefrontier.org/



Space and Telecom Law Program serves as cosponsor at International Astronautical Association Heads of Space Agencies Summit

The Space and Telecom Law Program was pleased to serve as a cosponsor for the recent International Astronautical Association Heads of Space Agencies Summit in Washington D.C. in November. The IAA hosted leaders of 30 space agencies from around the world to discuss four significant areas of space development. Several members of the Space and Telecom Law Advisory Board attended the event along with Professor von der Dunk, Executive Director Gretchen Oltman, and LL.M. student Jenifer Lamie. More information about the proceedings of the IAA summit can be found by here.


LLM Students


LL.M.'s attended the Spaceport America Runway Dedication in New Mexico

It was the chance of a lifetime as several Nebraska Law Space and Telecom LL.M. students attended the Spaceport America Runway Dedication in New Mexico recently. The students were awed by a flyover of Virgin Galactic's White Knight Two, in a captive carry with Space Ship Two. The students also had the opportunity to attend the International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight where they heard speakers from NASA, Virgin Galactic, and the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium among others.





Professor Ammori
Ammori Comments in Popular Press

Professor Marvin Ammori participated in The New York Times Room for Debate regarding on-line privacy on December 2. Read Ammori's position on the issue here. Professor Ammori also provided commentary for the December 1st edition of The Huffington Post on net neutrality. In his article, "FCC Chair Proposes Garbage, Calls It Net Neutrality," Ammori sets forth reasons that the FCC Chairman's proposal on net neutrality fails to meet President Obama's campaign promises on net neutrality. Read Ammori's commentary here.


John Ordway

The Space and Telecom Law Program is pleased to welcome John Ordway as a guest speaker during the noon hour on Monday, November 22, 2010.

Ordway will be speaking on the topic, "Protecting or hurting US national security? U.S. exports controls and current efforts to reform them." Lunch will be provided, but you must sign up in advance in the Dean's Office.

About the Speaker:

Ordway has practiced law for over two decades, primarily in the fields of government procurement and export control law. He is the former co-chair of the ABA International Section's International Procurement Committee and is presently an Advisor to the Center for International and Comparative Law at the University of Baltimore Law School. Ordway speaks and writes frequently on the International Traffic in Arms Regulations and government procurement, and has been featured in many industry publications.

Ordway earned his J.D. from George Washington Law School, and his B.A. from Harvard University. Between college and law school, Mr. Ordway studied Mandarin Chinese in Hong Kong and Taiwan on a Rotary Graduate Fellowship.

Professor Ammori

Ammori Comments for Washington Post

Professor Marvin Ammori commented for the Washington Post on Monday, November 1, regarding the battle brewing over the future of television and, more specifically, internet television. Visit here to see what Ammori had to say.


Professor von der Dunk
von der Dunk Guest Lectures at University of Padua, Italy

Professor Frans von der Dunk gave three guest lectures as part of the Doctorate program at the Faculty of Law of the University of Padua, Italy, on October 28, on the legal aspects of international and regional cooperation in space activities, and commercial space activities. The University of Padua is the third- oldest University in the world, dating back to 1222.


3rd Annual Washington D.C. Space and Cyber Conference

Keynotes by General James Cartwright, Vice-Chair, Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Lori Garver, NASA Deputy Administrator Highlight 3rd Annual Washington DC Space and Cyber Conference at the Newseum September 9-10


Frans von der Dunk
Frans von der Dunk

Professor Frans von der Dunk has been invited by the Beihang Aviation University of Beijing, China, to give two guest lectures and a seminar on space law issues - European space law and policy developments; legal issues surrounding the use of satellites for navigation purposes; and, the status of outer space and military use of outer space on August 6-7, 2010. Beihang University is the most specialized academic institution in China dealing with aerospace law, and is closely tied to the state's aerospace authorities and industry. It has also indicated its interest in establishing a closer relationship with the Nebraska Law Space & Telecommunications LL.M. program, in terms of exchanging teaching staff, researchers and students.


UNL NEO Featured in Austrian Newsletter

UNL NEO Project Prominently Discussed in Austrian Space Law Newsletter (pages 19-21). Download and read newsletter


May Conference
UNL's 4th Annual Space Law Conference May 6-7 Previewed in The Scarlet

U.S. Air Force Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, commander of U.S. Strategic Command, and Ambassador Richard Butler, the United Nations' former chief Iraq weapons inspector, will deliver the keynote speeches at the UNL College of Law's fourth annual Space and Telecommunications Law Conference, May 6-7. Read more...



Marvin Ammori
Prof. Marvin Ammori participated on March 31 in a C-Span broadcast panel "New Technologies and the First Amendment."

Prof. Marvin Ammori participated on March 31 in a C-Span broadcast panel "New Technologies and the First Amendment." The program can be viewed on the CSPAN website

Panelists talked about the recent increase of regulation of the media, especially in respect to broadcasting indecency. Robert Corn-Revere used a power point presentation to explain the history of regulating the media. Other topics included the Internet and the ability of government to regulate it.


Secure World Foundation
Secure World Foundation and Space Policy journal Announces the Maxim Tarasenko/Secure World Foundation Prize

Secure World Foundation and Space Policy journal are pleased to announce the Maxim Tarasenko/Secure World Foundation Prize - a 2010 student essay competition.

The competition is open to all law school students and graduate students of space policy for a publishable article on a topic of current debate. See this website for more information.


Sarah Morris
Space and Telecom LL.M. student Sarah Morris selected as a Google Policy Fellow

The Google Policy Fellowship began 3 years ago and seeks to match students with advocacy organizations working on policy issues fundamental to the future of the Internet and its users. More than 500 students applied for this summer's 17 available slots. The 2010 class of Google Policy Fellows come from 14 schools in 4 countries and are studying everything from law to library science to mathematics and biology. Read more

The competition is open to all law school students and graduate students of space policy for a publishable article on a topic of current debate. See this website for more information.


The UNL-lead research project included in United Nations Committee Discussions

The UNL-lead research project, supervised by Professor Frans von der Dunk, on "Legal aspects of NEO threat response and related institutional issues," has been included officially in the discussions of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space Working Group on Near-Earth Objects, and the activities the community of states, in particular the spacefaring nations, could and should undertake to counter any future threats that might be posed by those NEOs.

The competition is open to all law school students and graduate students of space policy for a publishable article on a topic of current debate. See this website for more information.


Frans von der Dunk
Professor Frans von der Dunk has been selected as the legal advisor of the European Commission

Professor Frans von der Dunk has been selected as the legal advisor of the European Commission on issues pertinent to GNSS and GNSS applications, to address a 700-size audience at the Galileo Application Days in Brussels on key issues regarding the liability for such services as well as some other key legal issues.


Professor Frans von der Dunk has been nominated a member of an Advisory Group of legal experts

Professor Frans von der Dunk has been nominated a member of an Advisory Group of legal experts on optional rules for arbitration of disputes relating to Outer Space, which is going to advise the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague, the Netherlands, on the establishment of a specialised set of rules for arbitration of disputes involving not only states, but also intergovernmental organisations and private companies involved in space activities. The group will start work on this in the upcoming months, and will according to plan wind up in the fall of 2010. The findings of the Advisory Group will eventually be submitted for endorsement to the Administrative Council in which the 110 member states of the PCA are represented, which will ultimately allow those rules to officially become part of the body of optional arbitration rules of the PCA.


Marvin Ammori
Prof. Marvin Ammori featured in November Washington Post article

Read the full article at the Washington Post website.



Washington D.C. conference
November 16, 2009
Second Annual Space and Telecommunications Law Conference in Washington D.C. on Nov. 19-20, 2009.

You are invited to attend the University of Nebraska College of Law's Second Annual Space and Telecommunications Law Conference to take place in Washington D.C. on November 19-20, 2009. The conference, supported by the American Branch of the International Law Association, will cover "Space, Telecommunications, and Cyber Law in the Transatlantic Arena: Comparison, Competition, and Cooperation." The first day of the conference (Nov. 19) will focus on telecommunications law issues and will feature speakers such as Alec Ross, Senior Advisor for Innovation in the office of Secretary Clinton, Andrew McLaughlin, Deputy Chief of the Technology Office for Policy at the White House, and David Vladeck, Director of Consumer Protection at the Federal Trade Commission, among others. The second day of the conference (Nov. 20) will focus on space law and will include speakers such as Alan Ladwig, Senior Advisory to the Administrator at NASA, Dick Obermann, Director of the House Subcommittee on Space-invited, and Brian Nilsson, Director of Non-Proliferation at the National Security Council among several others.


November 12, 2009
Presentation by Matt Ruane

Please join the Space Law program and International Law Students Association for lunch and a presentation by Matt Ruane this Thursday, November 12 over the noon hour (room tbd). Matt Ruane is a UNL Law College Alum and currently works for Boeing doing Government Contracts law. Prior to Boeing, he was in the Air Force.


October 27, 2009
Third Annual Space Law Conference

Please join the Space Law program and International Law Students Association for lunch and a presentation by Matt Ruane this Thursday, November 12 over the noon hour (room tbd). Matt Ruane is a UNL Law College Alum and currently works for Boeing doing Government Contracts law. Prior to Boeing, he was in the Air Force.


Frans von der Dunk
October 6, 2009
Professor von der Dunk Receives Special Appointment from European Commission

Professor Frans von der Dunk was appointed as an expert to the Forum on GNSS Extra Contractual Liabilities by the European Commission. The Forum started its work with a meeting on September 15, 2009, and is charged to come up with recommendations as to how liabilities for GNSS operations, applications and down-stream services should be handled within Europe, taking the existing liability regimes into consideration.


September 29, 2009
Space and Telecommunications LL.M. program featured in Daily Nebraskan article

The sky isn't the limit for University of Nebraska-Lincoln students studying law. As part of the university's far-out space and telecommunications law master's degree program, eight students are learning to apply their legal expertise to infinity... and beyond. Read full article


Marvin Ammori
September 24, 2009
Prof. Marvin Ammori Featured in Radio Show on Network Neutrality

Listen to the full broadcast


Matthew Schaefer
September 21, 2009
Matt Schaefer, Director of the UNL Space and Telecommunications Law Program Presents at a set of prominent Chicago law Schools

Matt Schaefer, Director of the UNL Space and Telecommunications Law Program, will be presenting a lecture entitled "Recent Legal Issues in Space Law" at a set of prominent Chicago law schools in September. Professor Schaefer's lecture will encompass space travel, space shuttle phase out and other legal topics relevant to today's space law environment. Professor Schaefer will speak over the noon hour at Chicago-Kent College of Law on Thursday, September 24 and over the noon hour at Northwestern University Law School on Friday, September 25.


August 26, 2009
Law Library Obtains Historic Collection of Space and Telecommunications Law Library

This summer the Schmid Law Library acquired a noteworthy collection of Space & Telecommunications Law Materials from the Mercer University Law School Library. The collection of over 500 titles/2000 volumes and includes a wide range of materials published since the 1950's. It was a collection begun in the early 1960's by Professor Mortimer Schwartz, then law librarian and professor at the University of Oklahoma, when he was the co-reporter of the "Proceedings of the Colloquium on the Law of Outer Space; International Institute of Space Law of the International Astronautical Federation." He built the collection over several years until he moved to the University of California, Davis. Some twenty years ago the collection was transferred to Mercer University Law School Library, and maintained by Professor Leah Chanin, where it was kept until this past year. The addition of these materials makes the Schmid Law Library's collection of Space and Telecommunications Law, among the most comprehensive in the world.


Frans von der Dunk
August 20, 2009
Professor Frans von der Dunk to Lead Major Research Project on Threats Posed by Near Earth Objects

With the support of the Colorado-based Secure World Foundation (SWF), the UNL College of Law will lead a research project with the contribution of a number of renowned worldwide international space law scholars on several key legal and institutional aspects of international responses to threats posed by Near-Earth Objects, notably the development of an international platform for proper information-sharing and decision-making. This issue is currently debated by the UN member states in the context of, in particular, the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS), and the leadership of that Committee has already expressed great interest in the outcome of the research project. The project, which will be supervised by Frans von der Dunk, Harvey and Susan Perlman Alumni / Othmer Professor of Space Law at UNL, will therefore result in a report mid-January 2010, in time to become part of the documentation in the UN COPUOS context and hence advise UN member states on the legal and institutional issues involved in their decision-making on NEO threat response. The research project is a consequence of the UNL's participation in the effort of the Association of Space Explorers' efforts to attract the attention of the world community to these problems, which had culminated in an international conference on the topic at UNL on April 23-24, 2009.


Marvin Ammori
July 21, 2009
Professor Marvin Ammori Referenced in Wall Street Journal for Piece on Huffington Post

Professor Marvin Ammori Referenced in Wall Street Journal for Huffington Post Piece, "What Sotomayor Could Mean for Network Neutrality and the First Amendment"

To read the Wall St. Journal piece, please follow this link.

To read Professor Ammori's post, please follow this link.


Frans von der Dunk
May 19, 2009
Near Earth Objects Conference and Professor von der Dunk Featured in National News

Asteroids that might threaten Earth could pose a challenge beyond the obvious, if nations can't get their act together and figure out a unified plan of action. There are currently no known space rocks on a collision course with Earth, but with ample evidence for past impacts, researchers say it's only a matter of time before one is found to be heading our way.

Read the full article.


Rusty Schweickart
April 13, 2009
Apollo 9 astronaut to kick off conference on 'Near-Earth Object' risks

Rusty Schweickart, a member of the Apollo 9 flight that was a key forerunner to the manned moon mission, will hold a public discussion April 22 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln about protecting the Earth from future asteroid impacts. Schweickart, who supports the development and testing of a spaceflight concept to protect the Earth from asteroid threats, will speak at 3 p.m. at the Van Brunt Visitors Center, 313 N. 13th St. The event is free and open to the public.

Read the full article.


April 10, 2009
Space and Telecom Law Program is now on Twitter

Follow us on Twitter.


Frans von der Dunk
February 20, 2009
Expert: Satellite Collision Shows Need for More Regulation of 'Space Debris'

Last week's collision between U.S. and Russian space satellites has prompted questions over who is at fault while highlighting the need for stronger international regulation of space debris, a University of Nebraska-Lincoln professor and internationally renowned space law expert said.

Frans von der Dunk said international agreements dictate that if a space object causes damage to the earth or to another spacecraft, the country that launched the object is liable. But the collision that took place Feb. 10 is the first known instance that two full-fledged space objects from different countries have crashed into one another in space.

Read the full article.


January 30, 2009
US Military Space Law and Spectrum Management Approved as Mini-Courses for Spring 2009

Two distinguished UNL law graduates with honors, Fred Campbell and Darren Huskisson, will be teaching one credit mini-courses during the Spring 2009 term. Fred Campbell is the former Wireless Bureau Chief at the FCC and current President of the Wireless Communications Association. He will teach a course on spectrum management law and policy. Darren Huskisson is the former Chief of Cyber and Space Law at US STRATCOM (Strategic Command). He will teach a course on US Military Space Law.


January 26, 2009
UNL Space and Telecom Law Program featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Marvin Ammori
January 26, 2009
Professor Ammori and co-authors discuss their new book at an event in Washington, DC covered on C-Span

On Monday January 26, 2009 Professor Marvin Ammori spoke in Washington, D.C. at the Launch of the new book "And Communications for All: A Policy Agenda for the New Administration."  The book features articles from 16 scholars, including Professor Ammori, from 11 different universities.  The book launch was sponsored by the New America Foundation and covered by C-Span television channel to watch, click here, and then click on "Flash Video," on the right, Underneath "Watch"



Frans von der Dunk
December 15, 2008
Professor von der Dunk coordinates and Professor Schaefer presents at the European Center of Space Law Practicioners Forum in Paris

The European Center for Space Law's (ECSL) most recent annual practicioners forum held December 15, 2008 in Paris was coordinated by Professor Frans von der Dunk. The forum focused on National Space Legislation in Europe but included international and comparative perspectives as well. Professor Matt Schaefer spoke on market access and GATS/GATT principles in a panel focused on future and international developments.


November 18, 2008
UNL Space and Telecom Law Program's First Washington, D.C. Conference November 13-14 Makes National News...

UNL Space and Telecom Law Program's First Washington, D.C. Conference November 13-14 Makes National News:  The College of Law's first D.C. conference drew speakers from throughout government and the private sector, including policy-makers and lawyers from the White House, FCC, NASA, Air Force, US Senate, the United Kingdom's Ofcom, and private companies such as Clearwire, Skype, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Boeing.  Over one-hundred fifteen persons attended and/or participated in the two day conference.  Below is a sampling of some of the news coverage the conference drew:


Washington Post print (this is our conference though not mentioned by name)

Washington Post blog (same author, mentions our conference by name)



Some stories from writers who did not attend:

Internet news


Media Post

Ars Technica

Tim Karr at Huffington Post


November 13 & 14, 2008
Matt Schaefer
Professor Matt Schaefer Speaks to Fordham University Law School's Global Law Society

Professor Matt Schaefer spoke to Fordham University Law School's Global Law Society on October 16th and to the International Law Association's (ILA) International Law Weekend panel on Outer Space Law on October 17th.Professor Schaefer presentations focused on recent changes to space law and policy in the past couple of years impacting the military, civilian and commercial space sectors. In terms of the military dimension, Professor Schaefer spoke of the the US National Space Policy of 2006, China's anti-satellite weapon test of January 2007 and its legality under the Outer Space Treaty, the differences between that test and the February 2008 shoot down by the US Navy of a failed intelligence satellite, and finally the Russian-Chinese proposal to ban weapons in space. In terms of the civilian dimension, Professor Schaefer spoke of the recent amendments to the Iran-North Korea-Syria Non-Proliferation Act (INKSNA) to allow payments to the Russian space agency for crew and cargo transportation to the International Space Station (ISS) when the Shuttle is phased-out. Finally, in terms of the commercial dimension, Professor Schaefer spoke of the FAA-AST's reusable launch vehicle licensing regime and the space tourism regulations. Hal Burman of the State Dept. Legal Advisor's Office, Henry Hertzfeld of George Washington's Space Policy Program, and Dara Panahy of Milbank Tweed were the other panelists at the ILA session on October 17th. LLM student April Greene-Apking conducted research in support of Professor Schaefer's talk.