Guest Lectures
Clayton Anderson

NASA Mission Specialist, and native of Ashland, Nebraska, spoke on campus in 2008 about his five-month experience aboard the International Space Station. Anderson then returned to Nebraska Law in the fall of 2010 to present a Space and Telecom Law patch flown with him on his most recent trip aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. Anderson shared personal reflections and anecdotes from his time spent in space and was proud to carry a piece of Nebraska Law with him into space.

Bill Ojile

Former Senior Vice-President and General Counsel, to Valor Communications. Ojile has nearly two-decades of experience in telecom law. He spoke to Space and Telecom Law students in 2008 about the practice of telecom law and the relationship between federal and state telecommunication regulation.

Fred Campbell

Campbell, a Nebraska Law alum, served as Chief of the Wireless Division at the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC"). Campbell spoke in 2007 on orbital slot allocation and frequency allocation by the International Telecommunications Union and the FCC. Campbell continues sharing his knowledge with Space and Telecom students as an adjunct professor teaching law and spectrum policy each year.

John Ordway

Washington D.C. attorney John Ordway presented a lecture, "Protecting or hurting US national security? U.S. export controls and current efforts to reform them," in 2010. Ordway is a frequent lecturer on the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and government procurement.