Resident Faculty
Prof. Jack Beard

Jack M. Beard

Assistant Professor of Law

Professor Jack Beard is a veteran scholar and teacher having previously been a member of the faculty at the UCLA School of Law, where he was presented the Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008. At Nebraska Law, Beard teaches international telecommunications, national security law, arms control, and international law courses. Beard previously served as the Associate Deputy General Counsel (International Affairs) I the Department of Defense.

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Gus Hurwitz

Justin (Gus) Hurwitz

Assistant Professor of Law

Professor Justin (Gus) Hurwitz joined the College of Law faculty in 2013. His work builds on his background in law, technology, and economics to consider the interface between law and technology and the role of regulation in high-tech industries. He has a particular expertise in telecommunications law and technology. Professor Hurwitz previously was the inaugural Research Fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Law School’s Center for Technology, Innovation and Competition (CTIC), prior to which he was a Visiting Assistant Professor at George Mason University Law School. From 2007–2010 he was a Trial Attorney with the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division in the Telecommunications and Media Enforcement Section.

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Matthew Schaefer

Matthew Schaefer

Professor of Law and Director of Space & Telecom Law Program

Matt Schaefer is Director of our program. Matt graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan Law School. He teaches the required international law course in the LL.M. degree and has 12 years of teaching and research experience in international law, foreign affairs, national security and international trade areas. Matt has also served in the National Security Council (White House) as a director in the International Economic Affairs Office and has worked as a consultant for state governors on foreign affairs matters.

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Frans von der Dunk

Frans von der Dunk

Harvey & Susan Perlman Alumni Professor of Space Law

Frans von der Dunk was recently hired by the Law College to teach space law, national security space law, European regulations of space, and national space legislation courses. Frans was previously director of space law research at Leiden University's Air and Space Law Institute and is a recipient of the distinguished service award by the International Institute of Space Law. Frans has nearly two decades of teaching and research experience in the space law field during which he has established himself as arguably the leading academic in the field.

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Adjunt Faculty

Dennis Burnett

Dennis Burnett is the former vice-president for Trade and Export Controls at EADS North America, a leading supplier and industrial partner in defense and homeland security, commercial aviation, helicopters, telecommunications, and services with operations in 32 U.S. cities. Before joining EADS NA in February 2004, Burnett handled federal regulatory matters relating to the aerospace, maritime, and insurance industries for over 20 years. His experience includes: Corporate Counsel at COMSAT and COMSAT General, Regulatory Counsel at the Federal Maritime Commission, and private practice. Burnett teaches a course in export controls and space and satellite business law.

Fred B. Campbell, Jr.

Fred Campbell is a Fellow and Director of the Communications Liberty and Innovation Project (CLIP) at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. He was formerly President and CEO of the Wireless Communications Association International, served as Chief of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission, and served as Wireless Legal Advisor to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin. Mr. Campbell has also advised communications regulators in multiple countries on spectrum policy matters and served as a judicial clerk for Nebraska Supreme Court Justice William M. Connolly. He earned his B.A. from Excelsior College and his J.D., with high distinction, from the University of Nebraska College of Law.

Darren Huskisson

Darren Huskisson is a colonel in the US Air Force and is currently assigned as the Staff Judge Advocate for 24th Air Force/Air Forces Cyber.  He is a frequent speaker at conferences on space and cyber law issues and wrote important articles dealing with air and space operations.  He previously served as the Chief of Cyber and Space Law at US Strategic Command and taught international law and national security law as an assistant professor at the United States Air Force Academy.  Col Huskisson is a graduate of Nebraska Law and teaches a course in Aviation Law.

Franceska O. Schroeder

Franceska O. Schroeder is a space and defense industry lawyer resident in the Washington, D.C., office of Fish & Richardson. Clients turn to Ms. Schroeder for help with complex issues involving compliance with U.S. export controls and economic sanctions programs, drafting and negotiating commercial and government contracts, liability and risk management, and legislative and policy matters that impact their business. Ms. Schroeder works with aerospace and defense contractors, satellite manufacturers and operators, launch services providers, systems engineering firms, software companies, insurance brokers and underwriters, and investors in high-technology projects. She is also Legal Counsel to the American Astronautical Society and serves as a Private Sector Advisor to the U.S. Delegation to the Legal Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space. In 2012, Ms. Schroeder was appointed to the NASA Advisory Council’s Commercial Space Committee and in 2014 was elected a Fellow of the American Astronautical Society. She is also an “IP Star” in Managing Intellectual Property’s Top 250 Women in IP (2013-2014). Ms. Schroeder earned her J.D. from American University Washington College of Law, where she was Executive Editor of American University Journal of International Law and Policy and her B.A. from Tufts University, magna cum laude..